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The benefits of electronic radiator aluminum profile as a material

time:2020-12-29 Views:261

Aluminum radiator has light weight, low price and high efficiency, changeable shape, fear of alkaline corrosion, internal anti-corrosion treatment is required, aluminum alloy radiator originated from abroad, it has been more than ten years, and it was introduced into China in the 1990s. Start to use; beautiful appearance, completely change the rough appearance of traditional cast iron radiators. The thickness of the radiator is thinner, and the thickness can be selected according to your own situation, which takes up less room space; diverse shapes to meet the needs of modern people pursuing individualization; The color is rich, adapt to the home decoration style of different colors; the weight is light, the water capacity is small, and the use is more environmentally friendly. If the internal anti-corrosion process is not adopted, water leakage of the radiator will occur.

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