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Challenges in the metal stamping industry

time:2020-12-29 Views:186

The production of automobile stamping parts is a very important part of automobile manufacturing. For example, the body, frame, compartment of trucks and the body of car body are all made of steel stamping parts. According to statistics, an average car needs about 1,500 stamping parts. With China's current automobile production increasing year by year, foreign investment has entered China to set up factories. To meet the hot domestic demand and export demand at the same time, the demand for automobile stamping parts will inevitably become a good opportunity for China's stamping parts industry to upgrade. The prospect is gratifying, and the demand for automobile stamping parts in the foreign market continues to rise.

In recent years, in the field of metal stamping parts, with the introduction of new models, the replacement of old models, and the continuous expansion of domestic and foreign vehicle and parts production scale, the demand has also increased. Therefore, around the acquisition of new supply channels, the world's stamping parts manufacturers with advanced technology and the cost-competitive ethnic stamping parts manufacturers are strengthening their respective business areas and speeding up the construction of stamping parts production systems.

 Due to the rapid development of domestic metal stamping parts and the obvious advancement in technology, coupled with the low price of domestic stamping dies, in recent years, some domestic joint venture brand vehicles have already converted many stamping parts from foreign imports to domestic purchases. At the same time, with the gradual enhancement of the international competitiveness of China's domestic automobile stamping parts industry, some foreign brand vehicles have begun to purchase stamping parts from my country. Some automakers in Germany and the United States have incorporated the products of many Chinese stainless steel stamping parts factories into their global procurement chains. This trend has not only become clear, but with the optimization of the production technology of metal stamping parts, the advantages of the domestic stamping parts industry in the international market will be further highlighted.

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